Nords: Thegn (Officer)



August 25th release

Nords: Thegn (Officer)

1 Resin Miniature of a Command Upgrade that will ensure success for your charges, 1 Base and 1 PB Info Card

Any Nord leader worth his salt keeps a retinue of Huskarls close at hand to enforce his will on rebellious vassals and fight off raids. The leader of the Huskarls is often a Thegn, a wealthy warrior who has managed to earn his lord’s implicit trust while maintaining good relations with the landed Huskarls. Unlike the Chosen, who serve as bodyguards and wartime companions, a Thegn stands by his lord at all times: ensuring the shield line holds on the battlefield and that taxes and oaths of fealty are administered off it. How they Play: Expert in fighting in a Shield Wall through countless battles, the Thegn coordinates their Regiment to fight into a cohesive and disciplined defensive formation.


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